About Me


I’m Alison, a 30-something mom of 2 (awesome little girls), wife, writer, vegetarian, bibliophile, and cat person – who loves fixing up my secondhand finds.

To me, there’s nothing more boring than the beige, blah, cookie-cutter style that’s so prevalent in homes these days. While some people may truly love this look – and to them I say rock on! – I’m betting there are a whole lot more who decorate this way because they think it’s what a nice home is supposed to look like.

That’s exactly the opposite of what I do. I couldn’t care less about what’s “in.” I don’t have a signature style. I just try to fill our home with things that make me smile, and that I want to look at every day.  (And my husband, I suppose, but he doesn’t usually care one way or another about my decorating choices.  Although he did veto painting the bathroom bright pink.)

Anyhow… I’ve found that the best way to fill my home with one-of-a-kind things that I love is to play a part in creating them. While I’ve always done this to some degree, in the past year or so it’s become a bigger hobby of mine. Oh, there’s still plenty of stuff here that I’m not thrilled with. But little by little, these things are making their way out (never in the trash!) – or being transformed into something much more awesome (by my standards, anyway).

But ultimately, this isn’t (at all) meant to be a decorating blog. I just wanted an outlet to share some of my favorite creations, and perhaps convince others to think outside the box, shop secondhand, and maybe give something another chance before tossing it to the curb. Because although that would make my hobby harder, it sure would be awesome to reduce the amount of furniture (etc.) that ends up in junkyards.

A few more things to know:

  • Nearly everything I feature here comes from a secondhand source, be it a thrift store (and not one of those “upscale” ones), Freecycle, the side of the road, or just a friend and family member who was going to ditch it.
  • My curbside finds are my absolute favorites, but there just aren’t enough of them to keep me busy. I would say, so far, about 50-60% of the projects I’ve done have involved something I found on the side of the road.
  • I’m bad about remembering to take “before” pictures (but I’m getting better).
  • Rarely do I buy fabric or paint (with the exception of spray paint) at full-price. I make frequent trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot to check the mistint shelves,  and there are a couple thrift stores near me that have surprisingly good fabric selections. I’m also a big fan of using things like sheets, pillowcases, curtains, (cloth) tablecloths, etc., as fabric (for whatever I feel like making.) I do like to buy remnants from fabric stores.
  • My photography skills are non-existent. I pretty much take my pics on my iPhone, e-mail them to myself, and post them. I’ll occasionally adjust the exposure or crop a pic using Picmonkey, but that’s about it.
  • My sewing skills are just slightly better than non-existent. They’re slowly improving – the key word being slowly.
  • The colder it is, the less I can do. We don’t have a garage or basement, and all of my spray painting is done outside on this little concrete patio off my office. It’s perfect when it’s warm, but I can’t really work in the rain or freezing weather. Luckily, here in Cincinnati, we’ve barely had a winter this year.
  • My philosophy regarding kids crafts: I’ve been able to come up with a collection of kids craft supplies that not only supports our craft habit without breaking the bank, but incorporates plenty of stuff that could otherwise be trashed. I do buy some craft supplies – while it’s possible to make crafts using only things you find lying around the house – or headed for the garbage can – being able to incorporate the occasional pom-pom or wiggly eye makes things so much more fun.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to drop me a note any time.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love it all Ali, isn’t it great getting something you love for almost nothing. You’re getting quite creative like your Mom :)

  2. Love the blog! And super jealous of that map find! Have you been to the antique mall on Eastern Avenue? Its one of my new favorite spots if you ever want to check it out with me. Can be a bit pricey but you can also find some steals.

  3. Great Blog! Thanks for the like on FB – you and I are the same: We DON’T have a signature style and don’t care what is in…………I love that about us, don’t you?!?!?!

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