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All of the completed furniture and home decor rehab projects (where I remembered to take a before picture) will be posted here. Click on the image to read the relevant post.

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Thrift store footstool fix-up

footstool collage


Old stereo speakers from the curb into multi-level cat tree


$10 craigslist dresser into chalkboard dresser


$4 thrift store shelves spruced up with fabric remnants


Old cookie sheet decoupaged with fabric scraps


Workshop stool(?) from the curb to kid’s step stool


Tree stump to little patio table


$3 thrift store chair painted and upholstered with a vintage pillowcase

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My kids are weird, Exhibit A

Over the years we’ve collected quite the hodge-podge of random silverware, as some gets lost, accidentally thrown away at school, etc., and I replace it with whatever I can find at a thrift store.

I actually quite like the random assortment, but it’s recently come to my attention that these varying flatware patterns may be a source of strife between my 2 older kiddos.

It seems that the girls have named each piece of silverware (mainly the spoons and forks), and there’s a clearly-defined hierarchy of desirability. We sat down to eat the other day, and when I stepped away to get something, I overheard one girl say to the other, “you got honeycomb and I got the bump – bam!” (emphasis on the bam).

Apparently “the bump” is the top dog of the silverware drawer, and I had unknowingly given that spoon to one girl while the other got the middle-of-the-pack “honeycomb.”

This was all explained to me, which then meant that from that point on I was expected to try to distribute equitable silverware at each meal. I can’t/won’t add this to my list of things to concern myself with, so they’ve learned to live with it. Still, I can’t help but notice if I grab “the bump” when setting the table, and it always gives me pause as I don’t want them to think I’m knowingly giving one person “the bump” more often than the other (believe me, they’re keeping track).

Not to mention, their rating system makes no sense to me. For example, here is one of what I would consider our prettiest pieces of silverware (this is named “carved roses” and is towards the bottom in terms of desirability), and also, the coveted “bump.” See what I mean??



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